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Styled: Varsity Jacket

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Manokhi Varsity Jacket

Manokhi Varsity Jacket   (see more teddy jackets)

I didn't get a lettermen jacket in high school because I had a Varsity cheer jacket that I thought looked better. I low key wanted one though. I just did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on something I did not love. Besides, I just wanted to be able to put on the patches from the classes and activities I was in (Band geek here!). Fast forward to today, and I find myself eyeing them all over again. Now that I'm no longer in school, how would I wear a Varsity jacket?


Cheery by songofniemah featuring a camp top

Cheer Outfit Details
Jacket: Manokhi
Top: SheIn
Skirt: Io Ivana Omazic

Olympic Sleep

Olympic Sleep by songofniemah featuring genuine leather jackets

Running on Fumes Outfit Details
Jacket: Saint Laurent
Dress: Forever 21
Boot: MICHAEL Michael Kors
Pillow: Ava Wilde

Little White Dress

Little White Dress by songofniemah featuring letterman jackets

Little White Dress Outfit Details
Jacket: Night Market
Dress: Roland Mouret
Clutch: Elie Saab
Heel: Casadei


Lovegood by songofniemah featuring a high-waist skirt

Luna Lovegood Outfit Details


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