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Window Shopping: Ombre & Chrome

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Chroma by songofniemah featuring a wool fedora

When I first saw these chrome oxfords I instantly fell in love. I knew I wanted them yet I wasn't quite sure how I would wear them. At first, I was thinking they would pair well with a nice pair of pants. But, I thought that would be the typical way to style menswear inspired shoes. Then I went to the opposite end of the spectrum by playing around with a really casual day dress. However, the look read too young for my taste. I didn't want to downplay the shoes too much. Finally I settled on this ombre playsuit. It's a feminine. It's pulled together and casual. Throw on a hat. Add a few rings. Now you have the perfect look to allow your new shoes to shine.

Outfit Details
Playsuit: Zimmerman
Rings: Stella & Dot

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