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Plan the Wedding Already!

By 1:39:00 PM

Reviewing "The Knot Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas" got me thinking about what a wedding would look like for me. When I was younger I wanted something BIG. I wanted everybody and their great-grandmother to come. Now I'm thinking small to shmedium would be great. 

I really want the wedding planning process to be fun. If I invite less people I'll have more money to spend on my three dresses, locations, and FOOD. I believe I would like the ceremony to take place in a really nice church. Afterwards I want to enjoy a sunny day outside with everyone. Then I would like to take some time to rest before the big celebration at night. I want to party under the stars or maybe some really pretty fairy lights.

The only thing I'm pretty clear on is the ring. It has to be vintage inspired with a beautiful gallery. The center stone should be rectangular, gray, and not too big in size. Basically I want something special that I would be comfortable wearing everyday. I'm torn about the bridesmaids' dresses. I know I want everybody to look great. That should be a given. I never understood the ugly bridesmaid's dress syndrome. The problem I am having is should go with a long or short dress. A knee length dress would be better for the bridesmaids because they could wear it again. However, a gown is more formal and would be better for the actual ceremony. Maybe the ladies will end up with multiple dresses like me. Bridesmaids


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