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Chase 'N Yur Face Book Review

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Chase, of Chase 'N Yur Face fame, has put out a cookbook. "The Official Chase 'N Yur Face Cookbook" is an overall great book that is an inspiration for both the kitchen and life. This book was created by someone who, up until the age of eight, could only eat five foods due to food aversions. Chase was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. It is common for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to become overwhelmed by sounds, tastes, textures, and smells. This limited Chase's diet even though it wasn't the best for his health. 

However, everything changed when Chase discovered cooking shows with his grandfather. He was able to experience new foods without it negatively affecting his senses. From there he started to go to restaurants to try new foods with his mother. Now Chase creates his own recipes and explores the world of food on his YouTube channel.

If you have your own cooking show, the next step is to put your love of food into a book. This cookbook allows the community Chase brought together to join in on the fun. I think this book would be perfect for a young chef who wants to cook for family and friends. Children will enjoy making foods that everyone, of all ages, can enjoy. There are even gluten-free options. The recipes I am most excited about are: Pigs in a Waffle, Apricot Amazeballs, and the Cherry Cucumber Limeade.

Pigs in a Waffle

This is a very informative book that provides food facts that span time and cultures. Chase presents a well written book that allows you to learn while you cook. The visuals are great. There are beautiful pictures of food and cute illustrations. Chase said one goal for this book was to provide a way for him to connect with people. Communication and interpersonal relationships can be difficult for those on the spectrum. I believe he has succeeded. While reading the book you can really get a sense of who Chase is as a person.

Another goal Chase set for the book was to help others within the autism community. The Chase Yur Dreams Foundation is a non-profit that was started because he wanted to assist those who are affected by ASD. The objective is to provide the grants and resources/support someone with autism needs to live independently. A portion of the proceeds from the book goes to funding the foundation.

**I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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