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Reviewing "The Knot Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas" got me thinking about what a wedding would look like for me. When I was younger I wanted something BIG. I wanted everybody and their great-grandmother to come. Now I'm thinking small to shmedium would be great. 

I really want the wedding planning process to be fun. If I invite less people I'll have more money to spend on my three dresses, locations, and FOOD. I believe I would like the ceremony to take place in a really nice church. Afterwards I want to enjoy a sunny day outside with everyone. Then I would like to take some time to rest before the big celebration at night. I want to party under the stars or maybe some really pretty fairy lights.

The only thing I'm pretty clear on is the ring. It has to be vintage inspired with a beautiful gallery. The center stone should be rectangular, gray, and not too big in size. Basically I want something special that I would be comfortable wearing everyday. I'm torn about the bridesmaids' dresses. I know I want everybody to look great. That should be a given. I never understood the ugly bridesmaid's dress syndrome. The problem I am having is should go with a long or short dress. A knee length dress would be better for the bridesmaids because they could wear it again. However, a gown is more formal and would be better for the actual ceremony. Maybe the ladies will end up with multiple dresses like me. Bridesmaids


This look is for those multifaceted women who have two of their worlds collide on one day. I imagine this woman's anniversary fell on a work day. Normally this would not be a problem. But, the special restaurant they went to on their first date is busy. The only reservation they could make was pretty much right after work. With no time to go home to change, she has to choose her clothing items carefully. A tweed moto jacket works for business and a leather skirt. Then, once work is done, she can switch out her jacket and work bag for fur and a small clutch. All without missing a beat!

Update: The tweed moto jacket can be found here.

I was in the mood for a little drama for New Year's Eve. Think fantasy and mystery. This year has been about learning and growth. It has been a very introspective time period. Now I want playfulness and maybe a tiny bit of adventure. What's the use of learning lessons if they are not applied. Some crazy things happened this year. I have a lot to apply.

When I was younger I would go all out for the holidays. Like out there. I'm talking flashing reindeer antlers, Christmas lights earrings, and candy canes in my hair. To be honest, I don't think much has changed. Christmas is still Christmas. And I'm still me. Bring on the festive sweaters and tinsel! 

I have been dreaming about the color green lately. In the first dream I had on green fur pants. So I woke up and searched for them. But I ended up finding a great faux fur coat. This time I had on this beautiful deep green lipstick. I am still searching for the perfect shade. So until I can get my hands on it, I decided to pull together some fabulous green pieces. Go green for the holidays!

Update: You can find the green Judith Leiber clutch here!

Lenox Holiday Pet Collection - - Macy's

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or do you enjoy twice the love? The older I get the more I think I love cats more. But, I may be a bit biased since my BFF is a 9 year old cat. If I had a dog I may lean the other way. Whether your furbaby is a feline or a K9, get them something nice for the holidays.