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My Stella & Dot Picks

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I have been looking for one of my soiree studs for almost a year. I lost it in the move last year and ever since I have been wear mismatched earrings. This normally doesn't bother me because I often do it on purpose. But, there are times when I what to look a little more pulled together. Having two pavé studs does this. After months of searching, I finally gave up. I went to the website only to see that they no longer sale my fav studs. In fact, pretty much everything I own is not on the site. 

The Zoe Lariat Necklace and Bardot Spiral Bangle are still available

Since I can't replace my go to earrings, I did a little window shopping to find some new favs:

Check out the New Summer Collection from Stella & Dot to find your new favorite pieces. It now includes sunglasses and clothing.

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